What does it mean
to be Driven?

I am a firm believer experiences shape our lives.

It’s up to us to follow the path less traveled creating a fulfilling journey. If we take a path somebody else has choosen for us we end up losing our destiny and meeting our truest potential. And being “Driven” is what helps us meet that truest potential.

What makes you “Driven”?

I challenge you to write a list of your passions and know it’s ok to have more than one.  Take that list and write down how you are choosing to follow and enjoy those passions; it’s here that you can start to build your own “Driven” accomplishments.  You might be surprised to find you are already “Driven” but until it’s laid out in front of you, it’s hard to physically see.

The key is to now embrace the list, so it can continue to fuel your life daily and remember… don’t stop because “Driven” is the only one way to be!